The Explorer RV Club Cancer Fund was started when our then Editor, Diane Batten, was fighting a rare form of cancer. Marci Anderson, who was General Manager at the time, wanted to do something to help. The Explorer RV Club Cancer Fund was born. How did she kick off the campaign? By shaving off her long hair!! Unfortunately, Diane did not make it. In her memory, the Explorer RV Club Cancer Fund has raised over $30,000 to date.

There have been a number of encouraging discoveries since that time. However, it seems like every week we hear of another person struck by this terrible disease. We need more dollars for research to save the lives of our families and friends.

These days you are asked for donations everywhere you go; but please donate to our cause. Give what you can – even a loonie from each RV gazette reader would generate $30,000!

Thank you,
Pat O’Neill


Pledge Form

I pledge $__________________ to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Please make cheque or money order payable to the Explorer RV Club Cancer Fund and return this form with your pledge.

Send all cheques or money orders to:
Explorer RV Club Cancer Fund
Box 800
328 Mill St, Unit 11
Beaverton, ON
L0K 1A0

Check box if tax receipt is required:   Yes     No   
(Please print full name and address if receipt is required.)


Receipt will be issued by the Canadian Cancer Society

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